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Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the tactile art of pulp painting with our beginner-friendly classes.

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The Create Early Bliss Pulpists

Pulpists Kenny Bliss and Karen Bliss Stoddard are innovated handmade artisans, who repurpose everyone’s regard for paper recyclables. They are converting crafters around the world into creative Pulpists. Artists who have embraced the sustainable and textural world of pulp painting. With a keen eye for repurposing discarded materials. Through their tutorials, they have nurtured the endless possibilities of pureed paper.

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Pulp Classes

Painting with Pulp Classes

Learn the art of transforming discarded paper into a vibrant masterpiece.
Under the guidance of experienced instructors, participants will be introduced to a variety of pulp painting techniques, from hand-forming and stenciling to layering and incorporating mixed media elements. Each class is tailored to cater to individual skill levels, ensuring that beginners and seasoned artists alike can find inspiration and creative fulfillment. Join the fun of becoming a Pulpist.

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Painting With Pulp –

Pulp Party

Create a Pulp Party

Painting with Pulp is the favorite favor to give at a party. Imagine the joy and excitement as your loved ones unleash their inner artists, creating personalized cards and artwork using this unique medium that they will never forget. We will design a party especially for you. Every guest will have the opportunity to express themselves freely, creating pieces that are as unique as they are. But the true magic of this party favor extends far beyond the evening itself. As guests depart with their one-of-a-kind creations in hand, they’ll carry with them a lasting memento of the occasion.

Our Client Reviews

“As an artist always seeking new mediums to explore, I was immediately drawn to the pulp painting offerings at Create Early Bliss. From the moment I stepped into their studio, I could feel the passion and dedication that goes into every piece created there. The pulpists are true masters of their craft, and their willingness to share knowledge and techniques was incredibly inspiring. I’ve found a new favorite medium!”

Jenna T.

“I never knew the simple act of painting with pulp could be so incredibly therapeutic and rewarding. The instructors at Create Early Bliss are true masters of their craft, gently guiding us through each technique while allowing ample room for personal expression. By the end of the class, I had created a Galaxy masterpiece that I was truly proud of – and it was all made from recycled materials! I can’t wait to attend another session.”

Sarah L

“My daughter’s 10th birthday party would not have been the same without the incredible pulp painting activity led by the talented pulpists from Create Early Bliss. The kids were completely enthralled, eagerly shaping and molding the vibrant pulp into their unique works of art. It was an incredibly engaging and memorable experience that left every child feeling accomplished and proud of their creations.”

Emily M.

Create Early Bliss

“With Pulp the possibilities are endless.” ~ Arnold Grummer