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Innovative Bliss Family Artisans

About CEB

We are lifelong crafters, but once we had experienced this medium of pureed paper we were captivated by the simplicity of its nature. That it was easy to do and that it was made from trash. Now decades later we still find comfort and awe in manipulating pulp.

After seeing the joy of painting with pulp radiate through others, we knew we should share it with the world. Seeing the students go from being unimpressed, unconfident, and anxious to becoming courageous and excited about pulp, gave us such bliss that we desired to convey our passion to everyone.

The offer to become certified instructors from the Arnold Grummer company and the compliments from Arnold Grummer’s daughter, that ‘our technique was the one most similar to her father’s, has reassured our resolve to teach painting with pulp.

The artisans of Create Early Bliss stand as beacons of individuality and craftsmanship. This collective of innovative creators has dedicated themselves to the art of handmade, breathing life into unique and captivating works that defy conformity.

The innovative spirit of Create Early Bliss extends far beyond the realm of pulp. At the core of Create Early Bliss lies a deep appreciation for the handmade and a reverence for traditional craftsmanship. This ethos permeates every aspect of their work, from the intricate sculptures they meticulously craft to the ephemeral pumpkin carvings that captivate audiences each autumn.